How to invite your overseas partner to visit you in Australia?

How to invite your overseas partner to visit you in Australia?

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I invite my overseas partner to visit me in Australia”.
For a short visits both for tourism or visiting friends, family, partner one should use Visitor visa.
How easy or hard it is to get a visitor visa depends mainly from a country of passport of the applicant.
Most of the countries in Europe are eligible to get eVisitor 651, which are quite easy to get.
Please see the full list of eligible countries
Citizens of Honk Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Singapoure, South Korea, Taiwan, US, UK and Canada are eligible to get Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601). Please see the full list of eligible countries

All the other countries not included into the above lists are relatively hard to get a visitor visa for.
Australian sponsors usually assume that they can provide some kind of guarantee that will convince Australian Department of Immigration to grant a visa to their partner.

We recommend that inviting side shoud submit the letter of invitation. It is important to understand that the letter of invitation where one promises to look after the applicant, cover all the expences and to ensure departure in accordance with visa conditions – still has very low weight for the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs processing visa application.

Now I want to tell more about the factors the Department of Immigration will consider while making a decision on a Visitor visa.
Mainly the case officer will try to assess the probability that the applicant will come back to his/her country after the visa expiry by comparing the ties of the applicant in the home country and in Australia.

1. Relatives . If the applicant has family and/or relatives in his/her county. If there are relatives/family in Australia as well, the officer will compare which ties are stronger. For example, if you have a partner and children in your home country – it is a good reason to come back. The big number of relatives in Australia may be a fact against you in terms of granting a Visitor visa

2. Job. Permanent and well-paid job is a strong evidence to support your intentions to come back to your home country. No job – will decrease chances to get a visa.

3. Finance. Evidence of funds on your bank account is a positive factor. The more the amount – the better. To calculate the minimum amount I recommend the following formula:
AU$50 x the number days of your trip if you stay with a friend or relative
AU$50 x the number of days of your trip if you stay in a hotel
Lack of any evidence of funds will be a negative factor for your application.

4. Property and assets. Evidence of ownership of property or other major assets in your home country will have a positive impact for your application.

5. History of international travel. If you travelled before to any countries, try to provide evidence of those trips. Especially if you travelled to the countries like: USA, Canada, Great Britain, countries of EU.

6. Situation in your home country. If at the moment of your application there is a crisis situation in your country: natural disaster, economic crisis, war, revolution – it will have a negative impact on your application

7. Inconsistent information or lie in your application
When making an application, you should note, that the Department of Immigration of Australia has all the information you gave before on your file. If you have an interview for Australian visa before, the record will be kept on you file as well.
If you give any information that contradicts anything you told before or any discovered lies will have a very negative impact on your application.
By all means one should avoid providing faulse or inconsistent application and/or bogs documents with a Partner visa application. If application will be refused based on bogus documents or provide false or misleading information, the applicant will get 4020 condition, which will prevent him/her to apply further visas in the next 3 years.

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