Australian Partner Visa

Australian Partner Visa

Australian Partner Visa is also called Spouse visa or de-facto visa.
What is important to know:
– Partner visa can be lodged onshore and offshore. For visas that applied offshore the applicant should be offshore and the time of application and visa grant and no bridging visa will be granted for the processing time.
For Partner visas lodged onshore threre will be a Bridging visa granted at the time of application and the applicant can live and work in Australia for the whole period while partner visa will be processed.

– It is quite clear that the onshore option is much more attractive for the couple. To lodge onshore Partner visa application you should be in Australia on a visa which has no conditions “8503 NO FURETHER STAY” attached to the visa. Please read my post explaining about “8503 NO FURETHER STAY” in more details.

– Partner visa can be lodged based on marriage or de-facto relationship of 12 months.

– Regardless of the fact if you are married or applying base on de-facto relationship you should still prove that you are in GENUINE RELATIONSHIP with your partner and should submit evidence of four aspects your relationship:
finanical aspect, household aspect, social aspect and nature of commitment

– Evidence of relationship is very important and you will be required to submit evidence a few times over of period of 3-4 years until the applicant will get a permanent partner visa.

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