Australian Partner Visa

Australian Partner Visa

If you need an advice about

– the options to bring your overseas partner to Australia
– need any help with a partner visa, spouse visa, de-facto visa, visitor visa or tourist visa or any other kind of australian visa application
– have a question about parent visa to Australia or a child visa to Australia

You came to a right place!


Immigration Consulting Group belongs to a Registered Migration Agent Natalia Dyachenko (MARN 1460820)
We specialize in partner visas to Australia.
We have extensive experience with various types of australian visa applications:
partner visa to Australia, spouse visa to Australia, de-facto visa, visa subclass 820, fiance visa.

Please send an email with your name, phone number and short description of your request to to organise consultation with Natalia.

What can we do for you?

♦ advise the best stategy strategy for you and your partner to get together in Australia based on the detailed knowledge of Australian immigration law and experience;

♦ explain all the visa requirements;

♦ prepare the individual check-list of the required documents and evidence of relationship

♦ assist with statements preparation

♦ prepare the applicant for what they need to say (and what not to say) at an Embassy interview (where applicable)

♦ prepare your visa application and supporting documents

♦ submit the application

♦ prepare applicant for an interview (if required)

♦ communication with Depatment of Immgration Case Officer. Preparing answers to Requests for Further Information.